superior_seining_smallIn the late 1970s, farm raised catfish was introduced to the farmers of Noxubee County.  It was a way to diversify their operations and bring stability to the ups and downs of grain farming.  At the same time, Mr. Bill Saul, together with his family, moved into the community.  He began raising produce to sell locally.  He dug a little pond to use for irrigation for his produce.  Being a resourceful man, he decided to stock it with catfish during the winter when no irrigation was needed.  Together with his children, they processed their catfish by hand and marketed them locally along with their produce.  It was an immediate success, and the first processing plant in Noxubee County was soon to follow.  Saul Fish Processors was started in a renovated old airplane hangar on Mr. Saul’s yard.  In 1989, a new plant was constructed.

As the growers and the processing plant continued to produce a high quality product, sales and new markets were opening.  In the year 1994, Mr. Saul asked the local farmers to buy the processing plant, and Superior Catfish Products was founded on July 1.  In 2003, Superior moved into a new and larger facility to accommodate the growth of the company.

Today, Superior Catfish is committed to making the necessary changes to our facility and workforce to allow for expansion.  Our customers’ success is our highest goal.  Our strict on-flavor screening, a clean and safe environment and exceptional customer service continue to be our motto.  Through hard work and dedication from every department, Superior is able to produce and deliver a mild tasting catfish that keeps our customers loyal and satisfied.