superior_processing_floor_smallSuperior Catfish Products is a business that embraces Christian principals. We believe these principles are as essential in our business efforts as they are in our personal lives. Our leadership will be passionate in making Superior Catfish Products the number one choice of our customers, growers and employees through good stewardship of Superior Catfish’s facilities and equipment, customers, growers, financial resources and our employees’ time and talents.

We believe good stewardship has within it these core values:

  • Safety – Maintaining a safe work environment at our facility is paramount to the stewardship of Superior Catfish Products’ employees by maintaining their health and quality of life.
  • Relationships – We believe protecting existing relationships and developing new ones within the sphere of Superior Catfish Products’ business is the foundation of our success. The quality of our relationship with customers, growers, employees and vendors is a valuable indicator of how well we employ the other core values and biblical principles.
  • Integrity – We consider honesty, fairness, diligence, humility, patience, compassion, respect, responsibility, accountability, transparency and selflessness as integral parts of integrity. We will conduct our business with the highest integrity so our employees, customers, growers and owners are proud to be associated with Superior Catfish Products.
  • Excellence – We will do all things to the best of our ability.
  • Innovation – We will actively seek out effective new ways of doing business.
  • Teamwork – We endeavor to promote a team environment through team development and leadership identification.
  • Learning – We will provide an atmosphere to promote the exchange of information necessary for the success of the business.
  • Fun – We will endeavor to make the time spent by our employees at our facility an enjoyable experience.