superior_beauty_pond_smallA quality product can only be grown and produced in a clean and safe environment. Superior is a member of GS1 and is participating in the GS1 Foodservice Initiative. Our facility is inspected by the United States Department of Commerce as well as the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, daily inspections are performed to make sure our product arrives at our customer’s door in excellent condition. We have an in-house traceability program that enables us to trace our product from the pond to the plate.

The quality assurance process begins by enrolling our producers in a program that requires the highest quality feed be used and no chemicals be added that would be harmful for consumers. Before harvesting catfish, they must undergo multiple “on flavor” samplings implemented by a team of trained samplers.

superior_160_smallAfter the catfish are harvested, they are brought to the processing facility and again sampled before processing to ensure the product is 100% on flavor. The fish run across automated fillet processing machines to remove the fillet from the backbone. Trained employees hand trim the nugget from the fillet and inspect the fillet for bones or other quality issues. Irregular fillets are sorted out to give the customer only the best looking product. Immediately after filleting, the catfish are placed in a slush ice solution to await either ice packing or freezing. A water glaze is applied to the frozen product before packaging to prevent freezer burn. We pack our fresh catfish in bags placed in boxes filled with ice.

With the “first in, first out” process in our subzero freezer storage system, we maintain the shortest possible interim time from process to delivery. Once the product is loaded on trucks, it is delivered by service-oriented drivers to our distributors. Our distributors are carefully selected to represent Superior Catfish to the customer with the same attention to detail that we maintain at the plant. We strive for exceptional, on time deliveries and customer service.